FAQ 2017-07-26T19:31:44+00:00
Where can I park? 2017-07-26T18:25:36+00:00

You can park in front of Garza Foods or anywhere on the Chevron property.  Our friends there do not mind at all.  We just ask that you don’t park in our drive thru lane!

What’s with the bird in your logo? 2017-07-26T18:16:31+00:00

Garza is the Spanish word for “heron” and blue is Joe’s favorite color, so the Great Blue Heron is our mascot.

How can I re-heat my tamales? 2017-07-26T18:16:15+00:00

Wrap tamale(s) in a damp paper towel and place on a microwavable safe plate or container and heat for 45-60 seconds per tamale.

I’d like to buy a lot of tamales! Do I need to place an order or can I just come in? 2017-07-26T18:15:52+00:00

So as not to disappoint you, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND placing an order to ensure you get what you want.  Call us at 214.304.9936 to place your order.

Please note that during the holidays, the demand for tamales is high.  Orders will be required to for all tamales wanted for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.  We will announce order deadlines for each holiday.

Can you deliver my order? 2017-07-26T18:14:15+00:00

Yes, we offer limited delivery within areas of Medical District Dr.  Call us to determine if you are within our proximity.  There is an order minimum of $15.00 and we deliver Monday-Friday from 10AM-1PM.

Can I call in an order for pick up? 2017-07-26T18:13:53+00:00

Yes, you can!  Just CALL or TEXT 214-304-9936 and place your order.  We will let you know the total cost and the time needed to prepare your order.  When you arrive you can:

  • Come in and go straight to the counter where your order will be ready to go.
  • Use our drive-thru window.  Just tell us you are here to pick up and order and your name and we will have it at the window.
Do you take reservations? 2017-07-26T18:13:32+00:00

We don’t. We’re walk in only.  We have limited seating (10 seats in fact), which makes for an easy going casual dining experience.