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At Garza Foods, we love tamales and we respect the time honored tradition of making tamales.   We make our own nixtamal.  Nixtamal is corn that we prepare for tamale masa.  You won’t find tamale masa made from corn flour, here at Garza Foods.  We make all our fillings, sauces and each tamale is rolled by hand.  Did we mention that our tamales are lard free and gluten free?  You read right.  Lard free and gluten free.

Our Flavors Include:

Black Bean, Cheese & Sweet Corn

Slow simmered black beans, Monterey Jack cheese and sweet summer corn.  This tamale is smooth and mild.


Tender juicy chicken, with our own tomatillo sauce is a customer favorite.

Smoked Beef Brisket

Just like it sounds.  Shredded smoked beef brisket, with a spicy barbeque sauce.  This tamale is a Texan spin on a Mexican tradition.

Pulled Pork

Slow cooked pork, with red chile sauce.  This is your traditional Mexican tamale.

Summer Seasonal

Available June – August

Asparagus, Cheese & Jalapeno.  We spent some time in the Pacific Northwest and a discovered the Asparagus & Cheese tamale in an Eastern Washington restaurant.  We pay homage to our time in Washington State with this seasonal tamale, with a Texan kick by adding jalapeno puree.